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Marine Megafauna Foundation


Adopt a Whale Shark – Two Column

adopt big

Adopt a Whale Shark

Adopt a Whale Shark today and
name one of the biggest fish in the ocean.

Adopt a Manta Ray

adopt big

Adopt a Manta Ray

Adopt a Manta Ray today and
name one of the biggest fish in the ocean.

Adopt A Giant

There are many ways you can join the Marine Megafauna Foundation and support our work! Our three most popular ways include: our Marine Guardian Program, our Adopt-a-Giant Program and our Megafauna Sponsorship program.


ADOPT a Giant today and name your own Manta Ray. or Whale Shark (A nice legacy and an awesome gift to consider giving)


If you love manta rays and whale sharks you can support the research efforts of the Marine Megafauna Foundation by ADOPTING your very own, which grants you the right to name a newly identified individual!! For $200.00, you will be able to personally select your animal, name it, and will receive high quality images of that animal (which would look great printed out at your office or at your home). Talk about great bragging rights!


Adoptions are great as personalized gifts or just to leave your very own mark on Mozambican megafauna! Either way, adopting one of these giant fish is a great way to be proactive and support the efforts of our Foundation.

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