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Marine Megafauna Foundation


Welcome to The Marine Megafauna Foundation

The Marine Megafauna Foundation was created in 2009 to research, protect and conserve the large populations of marine megafauna found along the Mozambican coastline. ‘Megafauna’ are large marine species such as sharks, rays, marine mammals and turtles.


These animals are key components of marine ecosystems but, as they are long-lived and have low reproductive rates, their populations are usually the first to be reduced by human pressures. Fortunately, they are also amongst the most charismatic animals on the planet and engender a high degree of public interest in their biology and conservation, making them useful ambassadors for the whole marine environment. The Manta Ray and Whale Shark Research Centre is based at Tofo Beach, Mozambique, at Casa Barry Lodgee. Tofo Beach is a major international hot-spot for both manta rays and whale sharks.


You can find our latest research updates, news and information about our sponsors on this site. Take a look at our wonderful photo galleries and learn how you can get involved with researching and protecting the biggest fishes on the planet. You can even adopt your very own manta ray or whale shark! We hope you enjoy the site and, most importantly, learn something new about these huge, friendly fish. We are firm believers that scientific results are most effective when people actually know about them. In keeping with that philosophy, you can find more details on our education and media work on this site too.

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