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Marine Megafauna Foundation


Marine Guardian Program

Marine Guardian Program

Marine Guardian Program

Individuals or corporate sponsors
looking to support us can become
our highest level of support to date.

Adopt a GIANT

Adopt a GIANT

Adopt a GIANT

Adopt a Manta Ray or Whale Shark
today and name one of the biggest
fish in the ocean.

Adopt a GIANT

Megafauna Sponsorship

Megafauna Sponsorship

Megafauna Sponsorship

Sponsor a Whale Shark, Manta Ray
or Marine Turtle today and support
MMF's research programs
in Mozambique.

Sponsor a Manta Ray

Support Us – MMF

There are many ways you can join the Marine Megafauna Foundation and support our work! Our three most popular ways include: our Marine Guardian Program, our Adopt-a-Giant Program and our Megafauna Sponsorship Program.


If you would simply like to send a donation to support MMF in general or any of our specific research programs (Manta Ray Program, Whale Shark Program, Sea Turtle Program, Conservation Program, Education Program) you can nominate your own donation amount or send a check to The Marine Megafauna Foundation at 11260 Donner Pass Road, #256 Truckee, California, 96161 USA. Which ever method you choose, please make a notation of what you would like your donation to go towards!


Thank you for choosing to support our vital research and helping us to safeguard these magnificent sea creatures for future generations!


The Marine Megafauna Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the US tax code (EIN 46-0645082). All contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with US tax law. The Marine Megafauna Association is also a registered non-profit organization in Mozambique where its main research offices are based.


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