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Anna Flam

(Global Manta Matcher Coordinator, Manta Ray Research Assistant, MMF Global)

Anna Flam (Global Manta Matcher Coordinator Manta Ray Programme Mozambique.Anna grew up swimming and sailing in the northeast US, which instilled an early love of the ocean. After completing a B.S. at Cornell University, Anna left New York to travel. Three months into a planned year of travel she cancelled her flights back to the US, and spent the next four years working as a dive instructor in Australia and Thailand. Watching beloved reefs and wildlife change over shockingly short periods drove her to action. She returned to pursue a masters degree in environmental management at Duke University. In grad school Anna studied conservation and development, focusing her research on ecotourism sustainability in Thailand.


Anna was delighted to join MMF in September 2014. Working with Team Manta in Mozambique allows her to contribute to conservation without trapping her in an office! Splitting time between diving with amazing underwater creatures and supporting worthy conservation initiatives is a dream come true.


Dr. Chris Rohner

(Principal Scientist, Whale Shark Programme, MMF Global)


Dr. Chris Rohner Senior Biologist, Whale Shark Programme, MMF Global.Chris Rohner conducted his PhD research with the Marine Megafauna Foundation in Mozambique under the University of Queensland and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia. Together with an international team of collaborators, Chris studied various aspects of the whale shark aggregation at Tofo Beach. He examined their population structure using laser photogrammetry and has calculated the size at which males reach maturity. During his studies, Chris investigated whale shark diet using novel biochemical approaches, and has tracked their movements away from Tofo with satellite tagging technology. He also found that the dynamic regional oceanography of the southern Mozambique Channel plays an important role in making Tofo a hotspot for big filter-feeders. Most recently, Chris quantified the sightings trends of manta rays and whale sharks at Tofo, using all logbook data collected by MMF over the years. These latest findings are currently being used to support the push for international manta ray protection and Chris continues to present his research at international scientific conferences, publish his data in peer-reviewed scientific journals and share his findings with the public via popular media.


After being awarded his PhD, Chris has continues to work in Africa, taking MMF to Tanzania where he is leading a WWF-funded whale shark research project at Mafia Island. Together with Dr. Simon Pierce and collaborators from the Tanzanian Fisheries Research Institute and KAUST, Saudi Arabia, he is studying the local movement patterns of whale sharks using acoustic telemetry and correlating environmental variables with whale shark sightings to better understand why they aggregate at Mafia Island, Tanzania.

Dr. Fabrice Jaine

(Senior Biologist, Manta Ray Programme, MMF Global)


Dr. Fabrice Jaine Senior Biologist, Manta Ray Programme, MMF Global.Fabrice is a French marine ecologist and oceanographer who joined MMF after completing his  PhD research on the movement ecology of reef manta rays in eastern Australia. His current research interests revolve around wildlife tracking and the need to understand how animals use their habitat to help improve management strategies and prioritise conservation initiatives.


Fabrice’s PhD research, conducted via the University of Queensland and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, examined the distribution, movements, habitat use and sighting trends of reef manta rays along the east cost of Australia. Together with a team of international collaborators, Fabrice used satellite-tracking technology to examine linkages between the movements and diving behaviour of manta rays and the dynamics and productivity of the ocean. His research provided the first movement metrics for the species and highlighted that manta rays are highly mobile marine vertebrates that commonly exploit productive, epipelagic, shelf-edge and offshore environments.


Fabrice is an avid free diver and scuba diver who comes with a mix of experiences, having previously worked in marine education and environmental awareness, eco-tourism, volunteer programs, as well as world-class scientific research on manta rays and other elasmobranchs. Fabrice is also a keen photographer and science communicator, and tries where possible to combine these disciplines to educate and attract public attention to the particular environment or conservation-related topics.



Gabriel Marime

(Education Coordinator, Nemos Pequenos Education Programme, MMF Mozambique)


Gabriel Marime Education Coordinator, Nemos Pequenos.Gabriel was born in Maputo, and has lived in Tofo since 2006. He first became involved in the tourism industry through a waiter position as Casa Barry Beach Lodge, the home of MMF. Through this position he was fortunate to meet Dr Andrea Marshall and Dr Simon Pierce, who ignited his passion for the ocean. Later he met the president of AMAR (Divers Association), who employed Gabriel as an administrator, and also ‘forced’ him to dive.


After completing his dive master course, Gabriel was a founding member of a local organisation in Tofo called Bitonga Divers who focus on community education, presentations and workshops in remote communities to raise awareness of sustainable use of the marine and coastal resources.


Gabriel has become one of Inhambane Peninsula water’s best guardians, due to his passion for the ocean and his knowledge about the local ecosystems. In May 2015, he joined MMF’s flagship education program, Nemos Pequenos, an integrated marine conservation program in Mozambique, which teaches children the language of the sea.

Giles Winstanley

(Research Manager, Manta Ray Programme, MMF Ecuador)


Giles Winstanley Research Manager, Manta Ray Programme.
Giles Winstanley, holds a masters in tropical marine ecology and fisheries biology from James Cook University in Australia and is the research manager for Proyecto Mantas Ecuador, one of MMF’s joint research programs in South America. Joining the team in 2012, ‘Stan’ aspires to begin MMF’s first PhD project on giant mantas in Ecuador. With a background in software development, Stan created a unique and comprehensive database for the project and is working closely with Andrea on the integration of this program in to Manta Matcher, the first global online database for manta rays. Stan is also an accomplished underwater photographer and travel writer.


Herculano Cumbi

(Conservation Field Officer, MMF Mozambique)

HerculanoHerculano was born and raised in Inhambane. Since he was 12 years old, he has been coming to Tofo every Sunday to enjoy the beach, play football and swim in the ocean. It was right here in Tofo where he discovered the wonders of marine life and learned about the importance of preserving it. Determined to contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem, Herculano joined the AMAR project in 2012, which focuses on initiatives and activities that aim to increase awareness and understanding of the marine environment among key local communities. With a keen interest in sustainable fishing and given his previous experience in working together with local communities, Herculano was very eager to join the MMF team and provide his skills to help implementing the Sustainable Seas Project.

Jaime Nhaguilunguana

(Office Manager, MMF Mozambique)


Jaime is from Paindane, south of Tofo in Mozambique. Born to a fisherman, his passion for the sea started at an early age as fish are a critical food source in the area. When he was 17, he met a number of tourists that travelled from far away to dive with mantas, whale sharks and turtles off the Mozambican coast. That’s when Jaime realized the need to implement more sustainable fishing practices to conserve the marine livestock that is left for local communities while keeping Mozambique’s coastlines attractive for tourists.


After finishing high school in Nelspruit, South Africa, Jaime completed his degree in teaching English as a foreign language. He joined MMF in January 2016 to provide operational and administrative support to our team in Mozambique. He also assists the team in engaging with local communities and developing fishing guidelines to ensure sustainable livelihoods for them.


Janneman Conradie

(Logistics and Media Coordinator, MMF Mozambique)


Janneman Conradie Logistics and Media Coordinator, MMF.

Janneman Conradie is a passionate conservationist who has dedicated his life to the monitoring and management of marine wildlife in Mozambique. His positive attitude and holistic approach to conservation helps turn MMF’s data into tangible results.


As co-owner of Big Blue, an adventure centre operating in Vilanculos and the surrounding Bazaruto Archipelago, Janneman has been exploring and diving Mozambique for the last four years.


This knowledge coupled with his boyish enthusiasm for everything in the ocean makes Janneman an invaluable member of the MMF team.


An experienced microlight pilot and instructor, he flies his bantam aircraft for several conservation organizations including MMF, conducting aerial surveys of the coast and monitoring for illegal fishing activities.

Joshua Axford

(Chief Operations Officer, MMF Global / Country Director, MMF Mozambique)


Joshua Axford Chief Operations Officer, MMF Global Country Director.Joshua Axford joined the MMF team as their Chief Operations Officer in May 2015.


Having graduated in 2006 with a BA in Physics from one of Britain’s top universities Josh went on to have a varied and international career in project management. In 2011 he attended the Royal Academy Sandhurst and graduated as an Officer in the British Army. A highlight of his military career was organising and leading an expedition to the summit of Denali (Mt McKinley), Alaska.
Before joining the British Army Josh also worked in the charity sector in Mozambique and Kenya and project managed the start-up of a charity tackling homelessness in the UK.
Josh’s role as Country Director at Marine Megafauna Foundation Mozambique fulfils his passion for active participation in the world of conservation, his love of marine environments and his desire to be a part of an expert and driven team.

Luís José Macamo

(Nemos Pequenos Instructor-in-training, Education Programme, MMF Mozambique)


Luís José Macamo Nemos Pequenos Instructor-in-training MMF Mozambique.Luis José Macamo (24 years old) was born in the Inhambane Province. In January 2014 he started working with Marine Megafauna as a volunteer for the Nemos Pequenos Education Program because he wanted to learn about marine conservation and how to swim. He likes teaching children and hopes to become a swim or dive instructor.


Before he joined the program he didn’t know how to swim and has since learned a lot of new things. “When I was 6 years old, I lost my father and since then I only have my mother. A lot of people think they will die if they go to the sea but Nemos Pequenos program is here to teach a lot of things that children didn’t know before. I had no idea that some marine animals can grow up to 20meters! Let’s fight for our sea, conserve our marine animals, keep our beaches clean and become ocean guardians.”

Narciso Gove

(Nemos Pequenos Master Instructor, Education Programme, MMF Mozambique)


Narciso Gove Nemos Pequenos MMF Mozambique.Narciso (22 years old) has been involved in the Nemos program to help Mozambicans know about their marine species, conserve the sea and learn to swim since 2012. When he joined he knew nothing about swimming and marine conservation but he wanted to learn.


“What led me to enter this program was the lack of swimming schools in Mozambique. Now I am a swimming instructor and I educate Mozambicans to be ocean guardians. I help my community and together we can save our ocean!


In the summer I see many people drown and that is why I am in this program, to help. I hope that one day, this program can be all over the country.”

Narciso Nhampossa

(Nemos Pequenos Master Instructor, Education Programme, MMF Mozambique)


Narciso Nhampossa Nemos Pequenos Master Instructor.Narciso (22 years old) was born in the Inhambane Province, Mozambique and has been teaching swimming in the Nemos program since it began in 2012. Narciso wants to improve the lives of young Mozambicans by teaching them about marine conservation and how to protect the sea.


“Mozambicans have to know how to swim because 70% of the population depends on the sea. I feel very sad when a Mozambican loses his life at sea. Mozambicans, let’s learn to swim. Do you think it’s normal to lose our family at sea?


I want Mozambicans to know how to swim and dive and also do marine research. I want Nemos Pequenos to continue helping to improve the capacity of young people and creating ocean guardians.”


Pedro Manuel Guiamba

(Nemos Pequenos Instructor-in-training, Education Programme, MMF Mozambique)


Pedro Manuel Guiamba Nemos Pequenos Instructor.Pedro (21 years old) is 100% Mozambican. Born in the city of Inhambane, he studied at Salela secondary school. Pedro has been part of Nemos Pequenos since January 2014 and joined because he didn’t know how to swim.


“Many Mozambicans don’t know how to swim so I want to help teach them how to swim, to conserve our ocean, keep our beaches clean and save the animals on our ocean as they attract tourists to our country.


When I think about my father I become sad as he died in the water because he didn’t know how to swim so I ask to all Mozambicans that don’t know how to swim to join the Nemos Pequenos Project and learn to take care of their life in the sea. This project is very good for everyone that likes to learn like me.”

Sarah Bishop

(Director of Education, MMF Mozambique)


Sarah Bishop Director of Education. Sarah Bishop is an innovative educator who has been part of the MMF team since 2009.  Sarah develops educational programs and resources that can be used in Mozambique and around the world to enable a greater awareness and healthy future for our marine megafauna.


In 2011, she founded Nemos pequenos, a program that teaches Mozambican children to swim whilst also introducing them to the wonders of marine wildlife and conservation.


Sarah has a BSc double major in Biochemistry/Botany and a Diploma of Secondary Teaching from Massey University, New Zealand. She has spent fourteen teaching Biology in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Passionate about inspiring others through wildlife education and conservation, Sarah is looking forward to her education initiatives soon becoming common throughout schools in Mozambique.

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