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Whale Shark & Entourage: All The Pretty Fishies

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

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By Simon Pierce



One of the fairly unique things about Mafia Island, Tanzania is the sheer number of fish that are frequently associated with the whale sharks.


There’s a whale shark in there… somewhere…


The sharks, and the small fish, are all chasing the same prey: small (~1 cm) sergestid shrimps. When the shrimp move inshore over summer, the sharks and the fish follow them in. Predatory fishes, such as cobia and mackerel, join the migration.



I guess it makes sense for the smaller fish to ‘team up’ with the sharks for protection. I doubt the sharks get much out of the deal – after all, these small fishes are direct competitors – but it does look really cool.



Here’s some shots of a single shark we saw this week. I changed the photos to black and white because vis was a bit crap I am an artist.



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