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If you have a passion for marine life and people, be sure to join us as a Volunteer with the most scientific, modern Marine Volunteer Project in Africa – designed and monitored by our very own, world-renowned Manta Queen, Dr. Andrea Marshall.


You can expect expert scientific guidance, quality interaction with our sacred marine animals, fantastic location (home to the manta ray and whale shark) as well as exquisite cuisine and friendly company.


Join our programme and make a difference now!


Underwater Africa is based in the magnificent town of Tofo, Mozambique and operate under the auspices of the Marine Megafauna Foundation and Casa Barry Beach Lodge. We specialise in advanced scientific work with the various species that grace our beautiful warm waters including giant manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, turtles and humpback whales.


As a Volunteer with us, you will be exposed to the raw underwater environment, which makes Tofo Mozambique one of the most special marine habits on the planet! You will get to work closely with the Marine Biologists from the Marine Megafauna Foundation, and we have no doubt that you will walk away from this programme with a wealth of knowledge and having contributed immensely to the on-going success and development of marine science in Tofo’s wonderful waters.


The entire program was designed by our very own, world-renowned Dr. Andrea Marshall (also fondly known as “The Manta Queen”) a Senior Biologists of the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Andrea has spent many years conducting her daily research and work in the serene waters around Tofo. This is unquestionably an excellent opportunity to learn from the best in the business.


During your stay you will be based at Casa Barry Beach Lodge, a beautiful yet rustic lodge situated right on Tofo’s main swimming beach, which boasts amazing views over the bay. Impressively, Casa Barry is also the home base of the Marine Megafauna Foundation and it’s brilliant scientists.


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