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Marine Megafauna Foundation




This boutique sailing yacht is the finest operating in Indonesia. The Areuni supports Dr. Andrea Marshall’s work helping to fund research expeditions to Raja Ampat to study the reef mantas in one of the most biologically rich ocean environments in the world.


The SY Diva Andaman

The owners of this luxury sailboat have supported Dr. Marshall and team for the last three years in exploring the waters off of Thailand and Myanmar on research expeditions to find and study the elusive giant manta rays.


Exploramar Diving

Michel Guerrero, owner of Exploramar supports researchers from the Marine Megafauna Foundation in Ecuador and the Galapagos and has joined forces with Andrea Marshall to establish Proyecto Mantas Ecuador, a research project designed to study the giant manta rays off Isla de la Plata.


Microaviation SA

Microaviation SA is home of the Bantam and Bat Hawk Light Sports Aircraft and is owned by Andrew and Terry Pappas from Nelspruit, South Africa. The Pappas family have been supporting MMF pilot Janneman Conradie and his Bantam micro-light alongside other conservation initiatives in Africa for years and make it possible and affordable for Africans to protect the environment through aerial surveillance.


The Flying Duck – Chris Engelbrecht

Chris Engelbrecht is the proud owner of Destino Paraiso, a 39 foot motorized yacht that operates in around the Bazaruto Archipelago and his new exciting venture, The Flying Duck. This amazing “flying rubberduck” will allow MMF to land in the water if threats to marine life are spotted. Chris is a firm believer in conservation through science and wants to support MMF in protecting the Dugongs of Mozambique.



NatureAlly is a new concept that uses wildlife patterns to design eco-fashion products that promote and protect nature and endangered species through donations to local acting NGOs.



Fish are Friends


MMF would also like to acknowledge the support of the following lodges and dive centers in Mozambique that continue to support our research efforts along the coastline:


Nyati Beach Lodge

Pestana Bazaruto Lodge

Vilanculos Beach Lodge

Pomene Lodge

Zavora Lodge 

Blue Footprints Eco Lodge


Big Blue

Paindane Divers 

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