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Marine Megafauna Foundation



Save Our Seas Foundation

Many of MMF’s scientific projects are or have been supported by the Save Our Seas Foundation, whose mandate is to support worldwide efforts to raise awareness and promote the protection, preservation and conservation of the marine environment.


Project AWARE

Project AWARE supports our population ecology and tourism-focused research and education programs on both manta rays and whale sharks.


Ocean Revolution

Ocean Revolution is an international program developed to inspire and empower a new wave of young leaders to protect our oceans.


Shark Foundation

The Switzerland-based Shark Foundation has been the major sponsor of MMF’s research work on whale sharks in Mozambique since 2010.


Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation

RSG are supporting our sea turtle research, particularly the work focused on completing beach patrols along the coast to document the carapaces of sea turtles and interview work with fishers to understand the motivations behind turtle poaching.


Idea Wild

Idea wild has supplied MMF with many grants for their work on marine megafauna. Facilitating our in-water sea turtle research, Idea Wild are currently supporting our efforts to establish a citizen science and photo ID program ‘Tartarugas para Amanhã (Turtles for Tomorrow)’ through providing underwater photography equipment and materials for laser photogrammetry techniques.


National Aquarium UK

National Aquarium Ltd, a sister charity to the National Aquarium in Plymouth, UK, is sponsoring guide training for marine tourism operators in Mozambique and research into sustainable whale shark tourism.


PADI Foundation

The PADI Foundation is supporting research into the primary human threats to whale sharks in Mozambique. In the past, they have also supported work on the population ecology of Mozambican whale sharks. The PADI Foundation has also provided funding for our acoustic tagging program to track reef manta ray movements along the southern Mozambican coastline.


Norcross Foundation 

Norcross has provided several grants to MMF for their work on the conservation of manta rays and whale sharks in southern Mozambique.


The Ohpen Foundation

Chris Zadeh of the Ohpen Foundation is a recent sponsor and has been integral in revamping the international image of Andrea’s manta research program, organizing fund raisers, exhibits and even her Queen of Mantas website.


Dobberke Foundation for Comparative Psychology

The Dobberke Foundation for Comparative Psychology has provided funding for our satellite-tagging program to elucidate reef manta ray movements along the southern Mozambican coastline.


Elite Island Resorts

Elite Island Resorts is a stunning collection of exclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean. They have donated 5 vouchers for our fundraising efforts. Each voucher entitles the winning donor to a week’s stay at one of their luxury 4 or 5 star resorts in St Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, The Grenadines, The British Virgin Islands or Panama.


Lucie Burgers Foundation

The Lucie Burgers Foundation supports our acoustic tagging program to track movements of reef manta rays along the southern Mozambican coastline.



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