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Marine Megafauna Foundation



The University of Queensland

Andrea Marshall’s PhD research on manta rays was conducted through the School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia. Chris Rohner’s PhD on whale shark ecology was also conducted through the University of Queensland.


James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.

Jess Williams is currently completing her PhD through James Cook University through the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (SEES). SEES have been contributing to the project both financially and through expertise in sea turtle biology, ecology and marine conservation.


Utrecht University

Daniel van Duinkerken is conducting his PhD research on the ‘Home range, movement patterns and site fidelity of the reef manta ray, Manta alfredi, along the coast of southern Mozambique’ at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.


Wildlife Conservation Society

MMF works collaboratively with WCS on the Marine Meganet Project in the Indian Ocean tracking whale sharks and manta rays with acoustic telemetry.



The divers association of Mozambique – The heart of AMAR’s strategy is to create partnerships with the provincial and local authorities, the local communities and associations, as well as the members of the tourism and diving industry. MMF act as scientific advisors to Associaçao dos Mergulhadores Activos para os Recursos marinhos (AMAR). Together we have developed several conservation initiatives and produced educational materials that have been distributed along the coastline to participating dive centers.


Eyes on the Horizon

EOTH is a marine conservation organization, dedicated to protecting the marine life of Mozambique and uplifting local marine issues. MMF and EOTH work together commonly on conservation and management strategies in southern Mozambique.


Endangered Wildlife Trust

MMF works collaboratively with EWT conducting aerial surveys along the Inhambane coastline to monitor megafauna species and manage the Greater Bazaruto Area. EWT is currently implementing the Dugong Emergency Protection Programme, ( DEPP ) withing the BANP.


Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (no website available)

MMF works collaboratively with the BANP by conducting scientific research and assisting them with the protection of megafauna within the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park (BANP).


Vilanculos Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a 25 000 ha reserve and protected area, covering both land and sea, situated on the São Sebastião peninsula along the Indian Ocean coast in Mozambique and forms the southern most portion of the Bazaruto Archipelago. The sanctuary’s objectives are conservation, community upliftment and eco-tourism by means of low-density tourism facilities. MMF is beginning to partner with the Vilanculos Wildlife Sanctuary to aid in their marine conservation efforts.  


ECOCEAN represents the first and longest running automated online global database for sharks. Manta Matcher represents the first automated online global manta ray database. These sites were specifically designed to manage sightings data for both animals and catalogue the identified populations in different regions across their respective distributions. Simon Pierce and Andrea Marshall are both science coordinators for ECOCEAN.


Georgia Aquarium

Dr. Andrea Marshall and team are working in collaboration with the Georgia Aquarium to describe a third species of manta ray housed in their facility and are also developing field research programs on this putative species in the wild.


Moz Images

Chris Scarffe, director of Moz Images, is a film maker based in southern Africa who collaborates with MMF on educational films and supplies footage for various educational initiatives in Mozambique.


Shark Explorers

Shark Explorers offers customised shark diving expeditions which take you directly to the sharks of Southern Africa. Professional photographer and owner Morne Hardenberg collaborates with MMF on educational and promotional films in Africa and beyond.


Machilla Magic

MM is a Mozambican Community upliftment program which focuses on arts & crafts endeavors based in Vilanculos, Mozambique. MMF is currently exploring the creation of salable marine megafauna related crafts to generate income for local artists.


Natal Sharks Board

The Natal Sharks board collaborates with MMF scientists by helping to supply much needed specimens for scientific research.


IUCN Shark Specialist Group (SSG)

Both Dr. Simon Pierce and Dr. Andrea Marshall are SSG members and contribute to redlist assessments for elasmobranch species.


Aquatic Alliance

AA is a marine conservation organization based in Bali, Indonesia which focuses on research and education. MMF scientists and AA staff are working together on different manta ray related projects.


Project Manta

Project MANTA is a multidisciplinary study of manta rays, established in 2007, that aims to provide much needed biological and ecological information about the species in eastern Australia. MMF and Project Manta researchers have collaborated on a number of scientific papers and reviews.


Proyecto Mantas Ecuador

Proyecto Mantas Ecuador is a research program in South America that focuses on the world’s largest identified population of giant manta rays, particularly along mainland Ecuador. They work in collaboration with the Marine Megafauna Foundation sharing researchers and resources. Andrea is the principal scientist for this research project which is part of the Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas NAZCA.  


Instituto Laje Viva

The Laje Viva Institute is a non-profit organization with the objective of implementing actions that guarantee the preservation and protection of the Laje de Santos State Marine Park one of the largest aggregation sites for the giant manta in Brazil. Laje Viva and its researchers and naturalists regularly work with Andrea on manta ray related research and conservation initiatives.


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