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Marine Megafauna Foundation


Board of Directors

Dr. Andrea Marshall

Dr. Andrea Marshall is a co-founder and Principal Scientist at the Marine Megafuana Foundation. She is also a scientific coordinator for ‘Manta Matcher’ the Wildbook for Manta Rays, the global identification database through a collaboration with Wild Me, another non-profit organization in the USA.


Dr. Simon Pierce

Dr. Simon Pierce is a co-founder and Principal Scientist at the Marine Megafauna Foundation. He is also the Vice President of the Marine Megafauna Association in Mozambique, where he has been researching whale sharks since 2005. Additionally, Simon is the Science Coordinator of Wildbook for Whale Sharks, the global identification database for the species, and a Director at Wild Me, the non-profit entity behind this citizen science initiative. He is also a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, the global expert advisory group for science pertaining to conservation and management of sharks, rays and chimaeras.


Philippa Nigg

An avid sailor and scuba diver Philippa spent much of the last 15 years sailing around the world. Seeing the beauty as well as the devastation below the surface Philippa became passionate about conserving the oceans and the amazing animals that call them home. Philippa brings her commitment to conservation as well as incredible experience in the non-profit world. She was a key figure in the development of Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC), a non-profit based in Southeast Asia and under her leadership JWOC grew and thrived. Philippa continues to serve on the JWOC board and used her expertise and passion to help MMF become an established 501(c)(3) registered charity.


Andrea Ross

Andrea met Dr. Marshall in high school and the two were immediate friends. As Dr. Marshall headed to Mozambique, Andrea headed to Cambodia and started Journeys Within Tour Company, offering private, custom tours to Southeast Asia and specializing in philanthropic travel. She also created Journeys Within Our Community, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating sustainable change in health and education in Southeast Asia. In 2012 the Andrea’s were reunited with a research trip created by Journeys Within Tour Company and Ray of Hope Expeditions. Andrea is proud to serve on the MMF board and has seen the amazing work being done by Dr. Marshall and her partners. Andrea brings experience in project development and fundraising and looks forward to putting this to good use for MMF.


Jason Katz

Jason, originally from the US, spent his early years growing up in Latin America and South Asia, and completed high school in the Philippines where he learned to scuba dive. He returned to his native land to pursue degrees in International Studies, Anthropology, and years later an MA in Urban Planning focusing on sustainable development. He came into contact with MMF while working in Mozambique on conservation projects for the US Agency for International Development, and in 2014 joined their Board of Directors. Until recently, he was serving as the Deputy Country Director for The Wildlife Conservation Society in Afghanistan, but now lives in Nepal with his wife. When not trekking through remote mountain locations, he dreams about free diving the world’s pristine reefs.


Terry Papas

Terry is a passionate conservationist and businessman from South Africa. After graduating from Pretoria Boys High School he sailed around the world for 5 years before settling down in his native country. During his travels he managed to obtain his Chef trade certificate. After returning to South Africa he studied a BCom in Tourism Management and Financial Management as well as complete a 3 year National Diploma in Nature Conservation. He is also a qualified Ocean Master Yacht Skipper and open water diver, as well as a pilot. Terry ran the Bazaruto Conservation Support program in Mozambique and was a partner in ICS (International Conservation Services) Mozambique. He then stayed with ICS back in South Africa and established the Boshoek Conservancy and Game Farm for Xtrata Merafe. He is a board member for a new NGO – Flying for Rhinos and Conservation, and has become an anti-poaching expert on the aerial application of light aircraft in conservation. Terry now co-owns and runs Micro Aviation SA who manufacture the Bat Hawk Surveillance aircraft which is Africa’s leading anti-poaching and surveillance aircraft. He came into contact with MMF while working on Bazaruto Island, Mozambique and joined their Board of Directors in October 2015. He loves the ocean, the African bushveld and is an avid fisherman.


Ann Rooney

Ann was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants of Alberta and also holds an M.Sc. in limnology and an undergraduate degree in music. She is also a designated corporate director. Since retiring from public practice in accounting in 2011, Ann has served as a director for several corporate and not for profit boards. She and her husband are also active cattle ranchers in Alberta, Canada. An accurate description of Ann’s life would have to include the word ‘adventure’. Activities have included skiing, hiking, blue water and coastal sailing, scuba, sky diving, biking, camping, sea kayaking, canoeing, dance, travel, music, and gardening. On a live aboard scuba trip in Indonesia in 2013, Ann met Andrea. The vision for MMF fit with what Ann was looking for to achieve a goal of helping to preserve the ocean and the creatures in it. She is honored to be part of this excellent organisation.

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