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Event Horizon: Whale Sharks & Trichodesmium

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Field Notes Mafia Island Photo Essays Research in Action Tanzania Whale Sharks

By Simon Pierce   On one day during this year’s field season on Mafia Island, Tanzania we had a pretty weird and epic experience.  There was a huge bloom of Trichodesmium cyanobacteria.   What is Trichodesmium? Well, I Googled it so you don’t have to.   Everybody knows that Trichodesmium is the only known diazotroph […]

Best Friends of Mafia Island

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Mafia Island Research in Action Tanzania Whale Sharks

By Chris Rohner   The MMF team returned to Mafia Island, Tanzania in October 2015 for our 4th season of whale shark research here. A relaxed tropical island, huts among coconut trees with a nice view of the sunset, warm water and whale sharks at our doorstep make this an awesome spot for research projects. […]

Move Along! Then tell me why you do so

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Conservation Mafia Island Research in Action Tanzania Whale Sharks

We are located at 7°51’S: 39°47’E, western Indian Ocean. That is where you find a truly beautiful gem called Mafia Island. Don’t worry though; the name has nothing to do with crime. It derives from Swahili ‘mahali pa afya’ which means ‘a healthy dwelling-place’. And that’s exactly what it is, an important refuge for a […]

Shrimps and hungry sharks

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Mafia Island Plankton Tanzania Whale Sharks

The Marine Megafauna Foundation has lead a whale shark research project in Mafia Island, Tanzania since 2012. With support from WWF Tanzania and in collaboration with KAUST and TAFIRI, we have been studying the whale shark aggregation off this beautiful, quiet island in the Indian Ocean. Whale shark sightings here are quite reliable, and we […]

All Caught Up

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Mafia Island Tanzania Whale Sharks

  By Simon Pierce. As you may have realised, our job focuses on studying and conserving whale sharks. These huge sharks are completely harmless to people, but sadly it’s not reciprocal. Whale sharks are globally threatened by human activities. In Tanzania, the main issue is conflict between fishers and sharks.     The fishers off […]

All work and some play … “Hakuna Matata”

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Education Mozambique Nemos Pequenos Swim School Tanzania

By Cathy Cronje   When I first heard about the Future Leaders in Lifesaving Training that the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) was offering in Zanzibar this past September, I jumped with excitement. I had been to Zanzibar many years before and remembered how my time there first sparked my desire to work with the […]

A Guide to the Hitchhikers of the Ocean

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Gallery - MMF Research Gallery - Whale Sharks Tanzania Whale Sharks

by Clare Prebble     A juvenile male whale shark in Mafia, Tanzania with a school of ‘dagaa’ and juvenile trevally   At the Marine Megafauna Foundation we focus our research on the big animals in the ocean; does what is says on the tin! However, if you look closely there are some pretty cool […]

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