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Archive for September, 2015

Move Along! Then tell me why you do so

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Conservation Mafia Island Research in Action Tanzania Whale Sharks

We are located at 7°51’S: 39°47’E, western Indian Ocean. That is where you find a truly beautiful gem called Mafia Island. Don’t worry though; the name has nothing to do with crime. It derives from Swahili ‘mahali pa afya’ which means ‘a healthy dwelling-place’. And that’s exactly what it is, an important refuge for a […]

Potato Grouper: The Labrador of the Sea

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Conservation Tofo Beach

Gus Fordyce is Underwater Africa’s science coordinator. Underwater Africa is our structured volunteer program that allows interested members of the public to contribute to the research we conduct at our main facility in Tofo Beach, Mozambique. In this blog, meet the friendliest fish in the sea: the Potato Grouper and learn about their role on coral […]

Born Free Part Two: Zavora

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Education Mozambique Whale Sharks

It wasn’t until I reached the office after a stunning ocean safari full of mantas and whale sharks that I realised I had three missed calls from Jean-Pierre. I thought this a little unusual, as I had only ever spoken to him once before. I called him back sensing some urgency and the reason for […]

Born Free Part One: Whale Shark Workshops

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Education Mozambique Tofo Beach Whale Sharks

Tofo Beach, Mozambique is a stunning holiday destination for diving and snorkelling with some of the worlds most spectacular marine life, including elusive elasmobranch species such as the whale shark and both species of manta ray. As the home base for the Marine Megafauna Foundation, whale sharks have been studied here since 2005 and are […]

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