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Archive for September, 2014

Ecuador 2014 field season

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Ecuador Manta Rays Ray of Hope Expeditions Research in Action Uncategorized

by Katherine Burgess and Giles Winstanley   It’s that time of year again! From June-October the waters off mainland Ecuador host the largest subpopulation of giant mantas in the world, and the Marine Megafauna Foundation is fortunate enough to have a field research site right in the middle of it all, Isla de la Plata. […]

Whale sharks in hot water

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Plankton Research in Action Whale Sharks

by Chris Rohner   It is hot here. 46°C in the shade, of which there is not all that much on our small boat. No breeze either, the water surface is flat. We are considering to jump into the 34°C warm ocean to cool off a bit. This is Qatar in summer.   Swimming in […]

The Changing Tide for Sharks & Rays

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Manta Rays Uncategorized Play in new window | Download  By now most of us are aware of the sobering reality about our shark and ray species globally. They’re disappearing, and they’re disappearing fast. In fact, the Shark Specialist Group (SSG), in a new study published just this year, claims that over a quarter of

Toilets, great whites, one lost tag and murmurings: another day in the Mozambican bush

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Mozambique Research in Action

Written by Daniel van Duinkerken   We got excited when we heard there was a satellite tag, which was until recently attached to a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias).  Somehow it had made its way onto Mozambican soil. We had been contaced by Alison Kock, research manager at Shark Spotters; she was receiving transmissions from […]

Presidential Networking, Mozambique Style!

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conferences and Symposiums Conservation

by Libby Bowles     August 2014, Maputo.  Mozambique’s biggest multi-sectoral fair, FACIM, celebrates its 50th annual event.     The largest commercial, international fair in Mozambique has several key objectives: ‘To provide an excellent opportunity to consolidate established presences and welcome new businesses from various sectors of activity, characterizing an

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