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Archive for May, 2014

Meet ‘Orion’ And His Creator Marc Allante

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation


by Andrew Prebble     This wonderful image was painted by Marc Allante, a university friend of Clare Prebble, one of MMF’s star PhD students. We eagerly approached him to see if we could buy it, but alas we were far too late! It was a commission for a private individual, but further discussions were […]

MMF and Casa Barry Beach Lodge – Coming up for 10 Years of Partnership

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Mozambique Tofo Beach

The Marine Megafauna Foundation is unofficially 10 years old in 2014. Happy birthday to us!   Over the last decade, we have grown from a staff of two (Andrea Marshall and Simon Pierce) to 12 permanent staff and research students. We started work in Mozambique in 2005. Now, we have ongoing projects in Mozambique, Ecuador, […]

Sound and Light in the Ocean

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Tofo Beach

by Libby Bowles   Whilst on research dives with Peri-Peri Divers customers recently, I was asked about light and sound when we’re diving.  Why do my photos look so bluey green?  Why do I need a red filter on my camera?  Why do noises sound like they are coming from everywhere?  Why can’t I hear […]

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