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Archive for December, 2013

Whale Shark Fun Facts!

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Research in Action Tofo Beach Whale Sharks

by Martin Romain   Hungry for more after reading Chris’s amazing Mafia Island whale shark blog yesterday?!  Read on…   Global whale shark research has been conducted for a decade already. However, many aspects are still undocumented, missing or simply unknown. Here is a compilation of few findings, some being very surprising!   1)      Whale […]

Reunions with old friends on Mafia Island

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Uncategorized Whale Sharks

by Chris Rohner   Mafia Island…sounds like it should be in Italy, right? This little island gem is, however, in Tanzania. The only link to Italy I can think of is that the whale sharks here, too, enjoy a good feast. In last season’s work, we found that the local whale sharks like to gorge […]

Outrageous Octopus Action

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Behaviour Mozambique

by Kate Evans   Over the past couple of weeks at our satellite research center based at Pestana Lodge on Bazaruto Island, the house snorkelling site has been extensively explored. Appropriately named Coral Gardens is a splendid site filled with massive bolder corals embellished with encrusting and soft corals, anemones and giant clams. At this […]

Spreading the gospel according to Megafauna!

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conferences and Symposiums

By Clare Prebble and Daan van Duinkerken     There are shark researchers in almost every corner of the globe; we’re quite an adventurous lot! Most of the contact we have with our colleagues is through email and crackly Skype meetings. International conferences provide a great opportunity to present our latest research, discuss ideas, set […]

The Narcisos Take On The World!

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Education Nemos Pequenos Swim School

by Libby Bowles and Cathy Cronje, MMF’s South African swim instructor guru!   Our amazing Mozambican swim instructors are ready to take on the world!  Narciso Nhampossa and Narciso Gove have been involved in MMF’s Nemos pequenos swim school for the past few years, developing and honing their instructor skills under Cathy’s guidance.  Through instructing with […]

Marine Litter

Written by Marine Megafauna Foundation

Conservation Mozambique

by Kate Evans The marine plastics issue is not a new one. There have been numerous campaigns to raise awareness. Personally this short film really hit home for me and I urge people to check it out if you haven’t already.     Plastics are having a  disastrously detrimental effect on the marine […]

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